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Caribbean Pirates



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Daily Tour

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English, Espanol


Beware, all those who dare come on board, if you don’t enjoy adrenaline, intense emotions, and barrels of fun, interacting with colorful marine creatures and extravagant pirates. Cruising the ocean aboard the Hispaniola, you will be trained to become a true pirate, to snorkel, to seek a treasure map and to deal with the dreaded rebels and the imposing sharks and rays. It will truly be a fierce and mind-boggling party.
3 and a half hours of endless good times and one-of-a-kind activities. Reefs, beaches, colorful fish, sharks, rays, and rebel pirates, will be the stages and main characters of a very exciting story.
The tour involves a treasure hunt by rebel pirates and old salts, the high seas will be explored by boat, you will be in the water with a snorkel, and you will have an encounter with sharks and rays. In short, a truly jolly adventure which will end, as it should, with a party.


Pirate’s ship
Visit Shark Island
Interact with stingrays
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from 99,00$

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