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Road trip through the Dominican Republic

Road trip through the Dominican Republic

Most people only tend to visit Paradise Beach in the Dominican Republic. Although they are indeed spectacular, there are more discoveries in this diverse Caribbean country! Let me take you through historic cities, dense jungles, tropical beaches and the flora and fauna of the Dominican Republic. This is my trip. The charming capital of the Dominican Republic is the best place to start your holiday! There really is no better city to understand the vibrant culture of the Caribbean. I suggest you take your time and spend two days mainly in Zona Colonial, the historical center of Santo Domingo. In addition to tasting delicious cocktails or tasting local cuisine, of course you must also go sightseeing.

Outside of Zona Colonial, of course, you can also find some good attractions. Walk around Malecon or take a taxi to Los Tres Ojos National Park. In the latter, you will be able to find an interesting limestone cave dotted with some underground turquoise ponds. If you ask me, that’s amazing!  During your vacation in the Dominican Republic (NL), you don’t have to be confined to Santo Domingo to see the colonial history of the Caribbean. Compared to the capital, Puerto Plata is at least as impressive. The colorful houses also surround the lively square, and the same picturesque streets, such as El Paseo de Dona Blanca, can ensure that you have many beautiful photos on your camera. Far from the city center and its lovely alleys, reminiscent of Europe, you will find more colonial relics.

Make sure to visit the beautiful Fortaleza San Felipe. In addition to its interesting history and green surroundings, this well-maintained colonial castle also offers some of the best views of Puerto Plata Bay. Speaking of magnificent scenery: don’t miss the tour of Pico Isabel Torres. You can easily reach this mountain by cable car and lift the cable car into the pristine jungle. After climbing to the top, you will be welcomed by the huge statue of Christo Rentor. He has long monitored the beautiful environment of Puerto Plata and its surroundings. I don’t mind trading places with him! After all, the vision from here is really beautiful!

Samana is my personal favorite place in the Dominican Republic. This diverse peninsula is suitable for everyone. Breathtaking beaches such as Playa Rincon (the second most beautiful beach in the world!), Playa Fronton or Playa Coson will allow you to immediately fall in love with this unspoilt place. I have never seen a place like this where travel and nature blend perfectly. Many resorts and hotels are not built on the beach, but leave more space for swaying palm trees and pristine white or golden beaches. Nature lovers will truly adore the area.

Los Hades is probably the most famous national park in the Dominican Republic. Hundreds of limestone islands have created a truly magical place that attracts many wildlife. The rough water slowly formed caves under all these islands, and now you can visit some of them. You may even have encountered Spanish pre-rock art here. I told you: the Dominican Republic is indeed very diverse! Another highlight of the Samana Peninsula is El Limon Waterfall. After a fairly steep tropical rain forest, you will reach a point where you can see the water splashing down.

Five to ten minutes from here, you can finally set your sights on this huge waterfall surrounded by lush green palm trees. I am really wondering, Mother Nature hides these places under the thick jungle canopy. If you come to the right season, whale watching in Sanana is absolutely necessary! Undoubtedly, this is the best place in the world to see amazing humpback whales and their calves. I was lucky to meet these gentle giants on four different occasions, but in the Dominican Republic, no place is more exciting than this.

If you do not see the most precious area in the Dominican Republic, you will not have proper road trips. Punta Cana is indeed a place where dreams come true. The seemingly endless white sand beaches are engulfed by transparent turquoise waters, and rows of palm trees cast pleasing shadows on all the tourists who tan. After a busy trip in the Dominican Republic, you may need to relax. There is really no better place than Punta Cana.

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