Speed Boats

Speed Boats


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If you’re seeking thrills on the sea, then this Punta Cana speedboat adventure is just for you. Following pick-up at your Punta Cana resort, and a brief safety video, your speedboat adventure begins!

The Bavaro Splash experience allows you take a white-knuckle race down the picturesque Dominican coastline in a speedboat. Then, you will snorkel in the warm waters of the Caribbean and marvel at the colorful marine life. Later, take the plunge into luscious turquoise waters to explore coral reefs, with a guided Snuba experience in the stunning reef.

Give your daring spirit a boost and zoom along the Dominican coastline in a speedboat made for two. Drive your own Punta Cana speedboat. Fly by beautiful stretches of white sand beaches and palm trees painting the scenery that makes up the Bavaro coast. There’s no greater way to really feel the seaside thrill rushing through your blood, as you pass one beautiful beach after another.

When your Punta Cana speedboat outing ends, you get to take it a little more slowly. Grab the snorkeling gear provided by your bilingual guide and splash into the crystal clear Caribbean surrounding a protected reef. Marvel at the amazing palette of colors that make up the coral formations and the variety of marine life lazily swimming in this underwater wonderland.

After snorkeling, try Snuba— it’s scuba without tanks; a fairly new technology that gives explorers the ability to effortlessly breathe underwater without needing to repeatedly return to the surface. Consisting of a floating raft, mouthpiece and an air hose measuring 20 feet, you have the freedom to choose the level of depth you’re comfortable with as you walk on the sea floor admiring the coral reef and its colorful inhabitants face-to-face!

At the conclusion of your underwater expeditions and high-octane speedboat adventure in Punta Cana’s coast, you’ll be taken back to your resort with memories of a complete excursion at sea.


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