Helicóptero Salto La Jalda

Helicóptero Salto La Jalda


Product Description

Nestled deep in the Coordillera Oriental mountain Range and surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest is the highest waterfall in the Carebbean, Salto la jalda.

Fly a long the pristine beaches of punta cana, past the quiet village of the Norther slopes of the sierra. Discover the magic and mystery of this incredible beauty and see up close the rushing water as they spills over the cliffs! As your stress level fades, enjoy the peace and tranqility of nature during your stay at the most amazing virgine Esmeralda Beach.

Tour Itinerary

  • 50 minuts roundtrip flight.
  • Overfly the highest waterfall in the carebbean.
  • Land for one hour picnic lunge at the most spectaculer virgen beach.
  • Ground transportation to and from the hotel is included.


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