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10 Adventurous things to do in the Dominican Republic

10 Adventurous things to do in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is full of incredible destinations that are inaccessible. It is also a country with a diverse and colorful culture. We are a group of happy people who live a fulfilling life. In short, we are an island paradise with a rich culture. Music rhythms such as Merengue and Bachata are an important part of our daily life. For me, it is an honor to be a Dominican. Here, you live a very quiet life without stress. You have a good life. People are generous and generous. We like the weather, the warmth and smile of the people. This is a country with great potential, you just need to visit!

My travels in the Dominican Republic are very rich. I like to explore every corner and share my experience on my social network to encourage others to come and visit. I also want to explore some places, such as Pico Duarte (the highest peak of the Antilles), and some hidden waterfalls that I haven’t been to. This year, I will continue to explore as many countries as possible!  In the Dominican Republic, my favorite place is often turquoise spring water. One particular “Rio Party” in Hermanas Mirabal Province is particularly beautiful. Being able to swim in this place can bring me a lot of peace and tranquility. I really feel like I am dreaming. This makes me appreciate my country even more. We are very honored to have so much biodiversity. I tried to convey this feeling to my followers to make us aware of the importance of protecting the environment and natural resources.

The Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic is full of incredible places, waiting for adventure. Because it is difficult to reach many of them, it is unknown. My favorite is the river and the green waterfall. If you consider yourself an adventurous soul, you will not miss the mountains of Jamao Al Norte. Drive for five hours to a place called Cola de Pato or El Arroyo Frio Canyon, you will be in contact with more than 60 swimming pools and several amazing waterfalls.

I like these two places because they are not really accessible to the public. They keep their beauty unchanged. On the other hand, the Dominican Republic has beautiful beaches that are ideal for adventure. The beaches of Samaná, such as Hermit Beach and Playa Onda are very beautiful. There are coconut trees around you to invite you in. Access to these destinations may be restricted, but recently they have become increasingly popular on social media.

Therefore, without further ado, here are the top ten adventure activities I will do in the Dominican Republic:


Not many people know the existence of this exotic style and natural beauty. With the turquoise waters, it makes you feel like you are in a real paradise. This charming place is a favorite of adventurous types of people who don’t have to worry about long, intense walks or jumping into the river from rocks up to 10 meters high.


The 27 waterfalls in Damajagua provide a full day of hiking. Travel through lush forests, cross bridges, discover Dominican flora, and then reach the rocky mountain at the top of the mountain, from where you will start traveling down, jumping or sliding over a series of waterfalls. When you slide along the water slide or jump into the dark green pool, you must be equipped with safety equipment.


Not at all in the usual list of attractions, you will find three waterfalls that fall into a deep blue pond called the “pool of God”. You can walk for an hour and watch the typical scenes of town life in Puerto Plata. Climb a short rock until you reach Charco de los Militares, where a natural pool by the river awaits you.


Magic Mushrooms look a lot like mushrooms. This mushroom-shaped waterfall is a great place to visit and swim. Or, if you want, you can drop the mushrooms into the cool blue waters of Cabarete. Great place for Instagram photos!


This tiny sandbar is located in the middle of a bright blue ocean, with thin white sand beaches and shallow waters, filled with tropical fish. Ideal for snorkelers and divers of all levels. You can also relax in the sun!

Our food is rich and varied. The “national flag” consumed by the Dominican Republic every day consists of white rice, stewed beans and stewed meat (preferably chicken, pork or beef). Banana is a national ingredient. It is consumed in various ways in the country, such as Tostones (thinly sliced ​​mashed plantains) and Mangú, it is a mashed green cooked or ripe banana, butter, milk, hot and cold water, usually Accompanied by sausages, sausages or eggs. Result Sancocho is a dish popular and accepted by people. If you come to the Dominican Republic, you will have to leave here. This is a soup of seven kinds of meat, common in all regions of Latin America (varies). Usually eaten on special occasions and served with avocado and rice.

Result Regarding practical tips, I want to speak some Spanish. The local language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish. Learning some words in this language will bring you a lot of help during your journey. However, in many tourist attractions, people usually speak some English and can communicate without problems. Although the Dominican Republic accepts US dollars, you can regularly pay in local currency (Dominican peso) to get a better price. If you are carrying other types of currency, don’t worry. My final tip is to relax and enjoy! In the Caribbean, nothing is in a hurry. Everything is peaceful and quiet. Remember, you are on vacation. Just let yourself enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful scenery. Don’t be afraid to explore and meet new destinations.

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